Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World

This is the story of seven American hikers who went on an adventure into Canada's Arctic—polar bear country—and came back with a tale of terror.

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A starving polar bear is seen here in the Torngat Mountains in 2009 in Canada. Credit: Greg Shute

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With shotguns slung over their backs and radios strapped to their belts, Maria Merkuratsuk and her older brother Eli hiked to a ridge and looked down at the clearing. They were perched at the edge of Nachvak Fjord on the Arctic tundra of Labrador, on the lookout for polar bears.

The view was at once familiar and new. It was the same bountiful land they remembered from their childhood, when their family of 12 spent summers there with other Inuit families, hunting, fishing and foraging during the months when the sea ice melted and allowed their fishing boats to enter the fjord. And yet, it wasn’t the same…

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