Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are fundamental components of the identity and culture of Inside Climate News. We maintain a culture of inclusiveness where people of all backgrounds and perspectives are welcomed, and a variety of approaches and viewpoints are incorporated into the way we do business. 

Staff and Hiring 

We have a diverse news operation in which employees, contractors, supporters and sources work together to broaden and deepen our connections to the audiences we serve. Of the new staff hires we made in 2022, 62 percent identify as people of color and 75 percent as women.  

Reporting from Diverse Perspectives, and Reaching Diverse Audiences 

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion drives innovation in our storytelling and makes our journalism more impactful. Our reporters seek out a diverse range of sources for their stories. We provide training opportunities for our staff, and we make a conscious effort to share our reporting in communities most affected by climate change.   

Training the Next Generation 

Beyond our newsroom, we are working to lay the foundation for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive media industry. We partner with graduate journalism programs and historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) through our fellowships, with the goal of populating industry pipelines with more environmental reporters of color. 

Measurement and Accountability 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are critical measures of our success as an organization and of the fairness and credibility of our journalism. We are benchmarking our progress and, with the help of our board of directors, holding ourselves accountable.